Fawley Refinery and Chemical Plant

Located near Southampton, Fawley Refinery is the largest and most technically complex refining and petrochemical facility in the UK.

Situated on the western side of Southampton Water, Fawley is one of the largest oil refining and chemical manufacturing complexes in Europe. Here we produce oil products for Esso and ExxonMobil: transport fuels, lubricant base stocks, chemical feedstocks and other high-value products to our customers around the world. These products heat our homes, cool our food and power our cars. In short, we deliver products that people rely on daily.

ExxonMobil is the world’s largest integrated refiner with a network of reliable and efficient refineries, pipelines and distribution centres. At our site, you’ll discover an intricate mass of valves, towers, exchangers and pipes, offering endless opportunities to challenge and extend your skills every day.

Our primary operations include:

  • The refinery, run by Esso Petroleum Company, and
  • The chemicals site, run by ExxonMobil Chemical

While we operate as two companies we share many raw materials and resources. More than 75 percent of our refining capacity is integrated with our chemical and lubricants operations.

Fawley Facts

  • We process approximately 15 million tonnes of crude oil per year.
  • We manufacture approximately 8 million litres of diesel and 15 million litres of petrol per day. (That’s one carful every 0.5 seconds).
  • We manufacture approximately 6 million litres of jet fuel per day.
  • Two-thirds of our petrol products go inland to the UK market.
  • The Fawley Site operates around the clock: 24/7  365 days per year.
  • The Refinery is linked to the mile-long marine terminal (with over 2,000 shipping movements per year) and a series of inland pipelines across the UK.
  • The Fawley Chemical Plant is a speciality multiunit site with three world-scale chemicals businesses – MEK, Higher Olefins & Butyl Rubber.It uses resources from the Refinery to manufacture approximately 800,000 tons of petrochemicals annually, including halobutyl rubber (used to line car tyres) and specialised pharmaceutical-grade rubber.

Whether your background is in chemical, mechanical, civil or electrical engineering, operations or another discipline, you’ll influence the way we deliver energy to the world. Make an impact. Join our effort to bring the latest innovation and technology to bear on solving the environmental and energy challenges of the future.

We’re looking for students, graduates and experienced professionals who are eager to take on exciting challenges. Opportunities exist in the following career fields:

  • Operations (includes Trades & Technicians – Electrical, Mechanical, Instruments)
  • Engineering
  • Research and Technology
  • Commercial and Business
  • Project Management


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What’s really cool about engineering is that it helps you break down a massive challenge into bite-sized chunks and then, using logic and deduction, craft solutions. This same mind-set helps the people of ExxonMobil meet the daunting challenge of supplying the world with energy day in and day out.

Steve Scannell, Commercial Analyst