Clinton, NJ

One of our primary research hubs, providing expert R&D support to all of our major business lines.

Clinton, New Jersey is a picturesque Northeast town characterised by its timeless colonial architecture and natural beauty. It is also home to ExxonMobil’s Research and Engineering (EMRE) Technology Centre, a facility comprised of 432 labs, 92 pilot plants and 850 offices. As one of the engines for innovation within our company, our Clinton facility employs some of the world’s leading minds in their respective fields, with over half of our workforce holding advanced degrees in engineering, chemistry and many more areas.

At our EMRE Technology Centre, we provide R&D support for our three main businesses: Downstream, Chemical and Upstream. We research, develop and deliver differentiated, high-impact, game-changing technologies and products, one of the foundations of our competitive advantage. We focus on both long-term fundamental research and knowledge building as well as shorter-horizon commercial applications. Our time is split between the office and lab work, collaborating with research teams to refine concepts and fuel innovation.
We’re looking for students, graduates and experienced professionals who share an interest in research and technology. We hire from a wide range of fields, including most Engineering and Chemistry disciplines, Physics, Computational Science, Microbiology, Catalysis and more. Qualified candidates will demonstrate:

  • Individual contribution to research in a results-oriented team environment
  • Strong communication, organisational and interpersonal skills
  • Track record of successful industrial and/or academic research

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