Benelux sites

Our Benelux sites deliver key products and services to global markets.

 Benelux is known for its multicultural, multilingual population and for the close interaction between the associated countries. Likewise, our key sites in Rotterdam, Antwerp and Brussels host a diverse workforce that collaborates closely with colleagues and partners across the region. A career in any of these locations provides exposure to our operations throughout the region and businesses that span the globe.

Antwerp integrated site

The port of Antwerp is the second largest commercial port in Europe and is an economic centre for the petrochemical industry. Located in the docklands is our Antwerp refinery, the largest refinery in Benelux. Thanks to improved heat integration and leading-edge cogeneration technologies, our relative energy consumption is among the lowest in the industry. ExxonMobil is currently installing a new delayed coker unit at the refinery to convert heavy, higher sulphur residual oils into transportation fuel products such as marine gas oil and diesel fuel – to help meet energy needs.

Fully integrated with the refinery is the Performance Intermediates Plant. Its products are used as solvents in adhesives, (car) enamels, agricultural chemicals, cosmetics and oil, and also as fuel additives. Furthermore, the products are used in high performance drilling fluids for oil and gas drilling.

The Polymers Plants in Antwerp and Meerhout produce a wide variety of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) products for a large number of industries. Its products are used in a vast array of everyday products, including plastic bags and packaging films that help keep food safe and fresh.

Our four sites (the refinery, the Performance Intermediates Plant and the Antwerp and Meerhout Polymers Plants) are well-positioned to help meet energy needs throughout Europe.

Brussels Regional Headquarters and European Technology Centre

Our regional headquarters in Machelen, close to Brussels, is the downstream and chemicals head office for Europe, Middle East and Africa. It houses all the decision-making for the region and is the starting point for many financial and commercial careers.

Within the same building is the European Technology Centre, one of three major ExxonMobil technology centres in the world. Frequently, careers that begin in one of our manufacturing sites will lead to opportunities in the technology centre. Here, we provide process and product application technology and create the business opportunities of tomorrow. Our engineers and scientists create and apply knowledge and share it globally to enable our businesses to achieve leading positions in their targeted markets.
Rotterdam integrated site

Known as the “Gateway to Europe,” the port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and one of the largest cargo ports in the world. Strategically placed within the port is ExxonMobil’s Rotterdam refinery integrated site. In operation since the 1950s, the refinery has played a key role in providing affordable and reliable energy, rewarding careers and tax revenues to the region. Our products reach Eastern and Western European markets and portions of the Middle East and Asia Pacific. We manufacture high-quality fuels and chemical feedstock while continuously working to reduce our overall environmental footprint. That pursuit has led our site to be one of the most energy-efficient refineries on the continent. ExxonMobil is investing in our energy future by expanding the hydrocracker unit at the Rotterdam refinery to upgrade heavier by-products into cleaner, higher value finished products.

Our daily mission is to safely operate different integrated sites on a round-the-clock basis, including the refinery, the aromatics plant, the plasticisers and intermediates plant in Rotterdam (the largest plasticiser plant in the world) and the lube oil blending plant in Pernis.

Opportunity awaits

Whether your background is in engineering, finance, operations or another discipline, you’ll influence the way we deliver energy to the world. Make an impact. Join our effort to bring the latest innovation and technology to bear on solving the energy and environmental challenges of the future.

We’re looking for students, graduates and experienced professionals who are eager to take on exciting challenges. Opportunities exist in the following career fields:

• Engineering
• Operations
• Research and technology
• Commercial and business
• Finance, accounting and tax
• Project management