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From leading-edge research facilities to world-scale petrochemical complexes to regional offices – where you start your career is only the beginning.

Over the last 125 years, ExxonMobil has evolved from a regional marketer of kerosene in the U.S. to the largest publicly traded petroleum and petrochemical enterprise in the world. Today we operate in most of the world's countries and are best-known by our familiar brand names: Exxon, Esso and Mobil. We make the products that drive modern transportation, power cities and provide petrochemical building blocks that lead to thousands of consumer goods.

Our careers offer unique opportunities to develop professionally and to work with industry leaders in your field. Whether you start as an engineer in one of our manufacturing facilities, a scientist in one of our labs or a business professional in one of our offices, you will be part of a team that takes on exciting challenges and pushes the boundaries of what is possible today.

Our primary locations include some of the largest integrated petrochemical complexes in the world that produce a wide variety of products including butyl for car tyres, jet fuel and Mobil 1 (the world's leading synthetic motor oil). Our research facilities include hundreds of labs and dozens of pilot plants. In these locations, we formulate new products that meet industry and consumer needs while giving us a competitive edge in the market.

Where you start your career is only the beginning. A position in any of our locations can lead to opportunities throughout the region or around the globe. See our featured locations below to learn more.

Vijay Swarup
Any scientific breakthrough is a stepping-stone to the next eureka moment. Therefore, driving what we do here at ExxonMobil is our bottomless curiosity to always push the envelope, to always make things better.
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Vijay Swarup Research and Development
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Featured locations